Up Coming Back to School Internet Safety Presentations

Sparta High School, Sparta Illinois (way down south)

Parents:August 18th 2014 6:30 PM-830 PM

Students: August 19th 2014 8-0930 am


Granger Junior High School 2721 Stonebridge Blvd. Aurora Illinois

School Administrators Presentation: August 22nd 2014 1:00 PM-3:00 PM


Ludwig Elementary School  710 N Archer Rd Lockport Illinois

Parents Presentation 6-730 pm August 28th 2014


Hadley Elementary School 15733 Bell Rd Homer Glen Illinois

Student Presentation September 30th 2014 at 0730 am



BeSure Consulting negotiates a HUGE discount for computer monitoring software for parents.

Press Announcement Issued for Immediate Release.

BeSure Consulting negotiates a HUGE discount for computer monitoring software for parents.

Today on their website, BeSure Consulting put up links for parents to be able to buy the hugely popular computer monitoring software, SpectorPro and eBlaster (from the Software maker Spectorsoft) at a huge discount off the standard price (in some cases it is more than 1/2 off standard price!

To get see details refer to his page or click the graphic below.

Kid Safe Foundation Up and Running!

Per the earlier announcements….”Kid Safe” Foundation is up and running!  For those who didn’t hear about this before, Corporate America joined eAgency (the maker of My Mobile Watchdog Monitoring Solution), to offer free Parents Seminars to educate them on the issues facing their kids today and how to keep them safe.  These seminars are free for your group!  Every person who attends gets the monitoring service Free!  See details here:  http://www.schoolsafetyinfo.org/kidsafe.html


Announcing “Kid Safe” Seminar Programs Across the Nation

On Tuesday March 25th I was on Fox News Chicago to help make an announcement that will benefit parents everywhere.  eAgency Mobile Security  (The Makers of My Mobile Watchdog monitoring software) is teaming up with Corporate America to form a foundation called “Kid Safe”.  The foundation will promote and subsidize Internet Safety presentations (much like the ones you may have seen me put on) across the Nation.  In fact, I have signed up to do the ones for the Chicagoland area.  The Seminars are aimed at reducing issues related to Cyber Bullying, Sexting, Sextortion especially in public schools.  Everyone who attends a class will get a FREE subscription to use My Mobile Watchdog!!!  This is a huge win folks!  Here is an article that talks about where the seminars are starting:  http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/eagency-mobile-security-launches-kid-safe-campaign-to-address-the-epidemic-of-cyber-bullying-sexting-and-sextortion-in-public-schools-246888741.html.  If you are interested in a presentation at your school reach out to eAgency Mobile Security.




Crone Middle School

Indian Prairie School District 204

Crone News

Cybercrimes Expert to present at Scullen Middle School March 27, 2014

Reported by leeann_rozanske@ipsd.org on 3/20/14

Have you ever wondered or read about the risks that your child will encounter via their smartphone or online activities? Did you know that your child’s smartphone may contain illegal content? Find out the risks and learn how to talk to your kids about being safe. The Scullen Middle School PTSA is welcoming Detective Rich Wistocki to provide parents with critical information regarding internet and smartphone activity among our children. His session will be offered on Thursday, March 27th beginning at 7:00pm. The presentation, which will take place in the Scullen MS Cafeteria, will be focused on specific steps and strategies that parents can use to keep their children safe and aware of criminal activity.

Detective Wistocki has been with the Naperville Police Department for 23 years. In his last 15 years he has served as an Internet Crimes Investigator with the NPD. Among the many responsibilities he leads, he is a founding member and affiliate member of the Illinois Attorney General High Tech Crimes Bureau and a member of the United States Secret Service Computer Crimes Task Force. He is the Internet Crimes Unit Detective with responsibilities to investigate child exploitation, cyber-bullying, computer tampering, harassment through electronic communication, and computer fraud.

Parent Presentation Tonight 3/26 in Chicago!

Parents,AT FOX

Here are some Scheduled Parent presentations in the area and in the city:

See you all then:

  • March 20th 2014  Highland School Downers Grove 3935 Highland Ave Downers Grove  7pm-9pm
  • March 24th 2014 St. Mary’s School 126 Herrick Rd in Riverside Illinois 7pm-9pm
  • March 26th 2014 St. Stan’s School 1255 N Noble Ave Chicago 6 pm-8pm

We will be covering all of the usual predator stuff…..However, we will spend a lot of time on cell phone applications and monitoring. These apps include Instagram, Snap Chat, KIK Etc…

Follow Up information from Webwatcher and investigating what their product does!!

So you can imagine how excited I was when I was made aware that there was a potential monitoring software out there for the IPhone. So I reached out to Webwatcher.com to see if they would allow our Technologists to Test and Evaluate the product.  Here was their response:

“As of this time, we still do not have available evaluation or free trial of our Webwatcher for iOs software. This is still being worked on by our Development Team.

Just to give you a heads up, with our Webwatcher for iOs, we monitor all sent/received text messages, call logs and Geolocate.

Unlike webwatcher installation for pc or mac, we have different process with our webwatcher for ios. First, you have to register your icloud account onto the device you want monitored. Just make sure icloud and wi-fi settings are turned on too. You can then assign devices via your webwatcher online account.”

So as my team suspected, Webwatcher.com was just accessing the I-Cloud to monitor texts, photos and geolocation.  Nothing like the functionality with My Mobile Watch Dog. They want $100.00 to have an account.  Just to let my parents know, you can do the same thing by signing on to your child’s I-Cloud from your Apple device.  IF you decide to get this software, just understand if your child changes the password to their I-Tunes or shuts off the cloud from their device, they have locked you out…..FYI

In a nutshell, we are back to square one.  Parents who are considering getting your child a smart phone???? Get them an Android such as the Samsung S4 which does just as much if not more as the I-Phone. Then for 5 bucks a month you can see everything your child does and control that smart phone with My Mobile Watch Dog.

Have a safe St. Patty’s weekend.!!!!

Her is the Information for IPhone Monitoring in Webwatcher

Here was this weeks post from Facebook:

OK Everyone, Today I was flooded with numerous emails from the fan site and my partners in law enforcement about an email some of you may have received in reference to the company WEBWATCHER.com having a mobile solution for monitoring IPhones. Remember, I told you in the past there was no way to monitor an I phone???? Well, this software sort of works…..Not like My mobile Watchdog at all.

Here is what we have discovered. This is signing into an account you make with Webwatcher.com. Then you have to sign in with your child’s iTunes account . Which means if the child or teen changes the password on the iTunes account and does not give it to the parent, this software is useless. We believe what the software is doing is taking the back up out of the I-cloud. So a question I have not answered is what if they lock you out of the I-Cloud or shut it off from their phone???

You just have to look at if you were to sign in an iPad to the same iTunes account that is the information you could get. This means you can see the apps, text messaging, photos. But it’s very easy to be locked out of the software. I dont know if it is worth it for $100.00 a year.

I called the company to see if I could Test and Evaluate their new product…More to come on this as our Technologists test this product out. If it works well we will endorse it. I promise

Parents!!!! Please be Parents I am tired of the whole KIK thing already

kikSo today I get a call from a local police department wanting to know what they should do when a parent discovers their  9 year old little girl is on KIK and the other KIK users are telling her to do things to her body that adults would not do to their bodies.

YES!!!! they are making their own child pornography on KIK parents!!!! WAKE UP!!!

As a parent, do you even know if your child has KIK on their cell phone???  Do YOU???  Shame on you if you dont.  Because this could be your 9 year old little girl taking her clothes off for total strangers because they tell her what a woman she looks like.  These KIK users will now up load your darling daughters naked pictures  and now video to file sharing networks all over the world. I bet their are still parents out there that allow their little darlings to charge their devices in their rooms.  OMG…..


Get involved, know what they have and know what they are doing.  Please save your child from KIK and ASK.FM users. Remember, parents there is no such thing as privacy for your children.  Why?  Because they are your responsibility…

I have many parent presentations coming up in the near future stay tuned…..


Parents Here are some new dates for your presentations

kidsmatter 2

OK here are some upcoming Student and/or Parent presentations for January and February:

January 14th St Paul the Apostle Church in Joliet 7 pm  130 Woodlawn Ave in Joliet

January 16th St. Mary’s Church 15629 S Rte 59 in Plainfield  at 630 pm

January 18th University of St Francis 500 Wilcox St, Joliet, IL(Yes I know its a saturday) 10-11 for at risk city girls

January 28th Oak Prarie Parents Technology night  in Lockport at 6 pm 151 st and Gougar in Lockport

February 6th Joliet Central High School 0730 am-0900 am Student Presentation 201 E Jefferson St, Joliet, IL